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Today is International Women's Day!


Today is International Women's Day!

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the achievements of all women, like The Princess Margaret's own Dr. Camilla Zimmermann, whose research in palliative care has led to improved quality of life for patients with life-threatening cancers. Dr. Zimmermann has built an internationally recognized clinical and research program focusing on early integration of palliative care for patients with advanced cancer. She is a leading researcher, advocate and educator in this sector.

By joining WellFest, your funds will help support all of our researchers, including the work of Dr. Zimmermann and more than 100 female researchers at The Princess Margaret, to help Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

Join us on June 6th for WellFest, a brand new and exciting fundraising event, and help support world-leading cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret.